Product Detail
HK-J  Energy saving and integrated refrigerated compressed air dryer flow 0.8M3/min至36M3/min

Working condition

Pressure of work: 0.6-1.0 MPa   (Special pressure can be customized.)
Inlet temperature: ≤50 ℃(The normal temperature type),≤90 ℃(High temperature type)
Standard ambient temperature: 32 ℃
Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ℃
Pressure dew point: 3 ~ 10 ℃

Design features

- The unique three-in-one heat exchanger is designed with compact structure and high heat transfer efficiency. Compared with the traditional shell heat exchanger, the unit heat transfer area is 5 to 10 times larger.
- High strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel material design, small volume, light weight.
- Imported refrigeration valve parts, compressor adopts international famous brand.
- Economical and practical automatic drainer.
- Sensitive and reliable instrument control element.

Process flow diagram

① Automatic drainer

② Steam separator

③ Drying filter

④ The condenser

⑤ The cooling fan

⑥ Refrigerant compressor

⑦ Pressure control switch

⑧ Hot gas bypass valve

⑨ Dew point indicator

Precooled evaporator

  • Pre-cooled evaporator specification sheet.